Simple heart, Not simple dream

In 2012, a group of girls who love nature were not chasing beautiful appearance, but hoped to help themselves and others build their own beauty through small forces, and this little mind was also built on loving this land, In these years that were not optimistic, they just stepped into the world of natural skin care products.

“Originlike Green” means:

- Originlike: "Original taste", we do not forget the original heart, maintain the original posture, and exudes pure natural beauty.

- Green: Our love for nature, embracing the land that gives us strength.

The baptism of the years did not sway the hearts of the girls, but taught the girls the path of growth. In 2016, the girls decided to go from the external natural skin care to the inner natural health care, hoping that everyone can have both inner health and external beauty.

Past. Now. Future

The Originlike always adheres to the "natural beauty" and live in peace with nature. Thanks to the natural raw materials given by the earth, and it is our duty to cherish and protect this precious resource.

In 2018, the company turned to a new starting point, Originlike’s new era - overseas processing factory, from the place of origin to processing and delivery, our quality control staff comprehensive control of product quality, provide better macadamia nuts, Let us welcome to the new era of Originlike!

Simple heart, not simple dream, we try to pass it to more people-

The "healthy beauty" makes everyone have their own runway!