Ye Va is the meaning of “mother earth” from Greek. We want to be famous as mother of natural skincare products and bring the best products to our customers with genuineness.
The feather” represents soft, mild and nourishing. It means our orientation is we use the simple, skin-friendly ingredients instead of chemical synthetic materials for making our customers safely use; as well the skin can absorb these ingredients comfortably.

Originlike  is the first set of natural organic series, by having Taiwanese native ingredients and combining with ECOCERT organic ingredients, they cure our skin back to the natural beauty by the power of nature.

Ten years ago, separate respectively without any contact after graduation from junior college. After ten years, one is professional makeup teacher, the other works for international trade company as an administrator, they encounter in the Facebook and this made them get together again. Just then this international trade company develops a new business department, cosmetics, which become a subsidiary company. These two schoolmates start to work together by their specialty. And then another who has strong knowledge in cosmetic brands and market join in and become their workmate.

So far, including our favorite skin care products, we always choose natural、well- absorbing、low-sensitive and best quality products. But some of the factories in the market too much focus on their profits without any care about their customers, and customers may not use good skin care products.

For that reason, these three good friends think “why can’t we make our own safe、best quality skin care products?” We create our own brand with our dream, make high standards for the products just like we use them by ourselves, as well the products we have and ones in the future are all made by heart. We give life to   and we will take responsibility for it. Love it, enjoy it and we want to share it to you-people who love Taiwan.